Tips & Tricks to hosting a successful Facebook party

So....we're having a party?!?! Let us help you with some tips and tricks that will help your virtual Facebook party become a success! 

Of course, these are recommendations and not required by the hostess. Keep in mind the more you participate and have fun, the more successful your party will be! Your PNV host will create an exclusive Facebook group and will send you a direct link to join the group. 

First, the INVITE.

Send a personal invite via Facebook messenger to 25-50 of your best friends, family, co-workers etc. We will send you a direct link to your Facebook group that you can copy and paste into this message.  Add guests that you know love to shop online, love boutiques, that can navigate Facebook and enjoy having fun! 

Here's an example:

"Hey, girl! I'm hosting a virtual Facebook party and I would love for you to join in on the fun! It's with an online boutique called Pistols N Vixens. They have tons of cute clothing and accessories that I think you will love! Come check it out and shop directly from your couch! <insert party link here>

You can also post this script to your personal Facebook page, send it out as a text message, or email it as an open invitation to all your friends. They can click the link and join the virtual party. 

After you've invited all your guests, send you PNV host a message with a brief description of your awesome guests! Are they co-workers, teachers, nurses, military, church group, family, moms group etc.? This information will help the host determine which merchandise to post. 

                                            Next, the INVOLVEMENT

Here's the best tip you're gonna hear. The more you interact with your guests inside this group event, the more successful your party will be. Here are some examples:

  • When the PNV host makes a Facebook post about a specific product or merchandise in your event, you can comment and tag your friends that you think would love that product. The more conversations you build the better the involvement. Friends help friends shop. They love to know what YOU think would look good on them. 
  • You can comment with a review of previous merchandise that you ordered.
  • You can recommend different items that would make great gifts for upcoming events. 
  • post selfie's of previous purchases
  • Liking posts is great, but commenting will boost posts in your friends feed.