About Us, Our Mission, and Our Story

About Us

This lifestyle clothing brand is for the warrior and the wanderer in all of us. It’s for those that feel the calling from the open road or endless open fields. The rider, the wild dreamer, the moon child and more importantly, the “Pistol” and the “Vixen”.  Our merchandise is curated from all over the world. We offer a unique vision and mission that inspires us and help keeps a pulse in the fashion world. We offer shipping within one or two business days from your order date. We want you to get your goodies fast and represent in style!  

Our Mission

Our love for family, friendship, and adventure runs deep. These are the things that we feel fulfill one’s life and will leave your mark on this Earth. We are a style with meaning. We love creating collections that effortlessly represent your life, your adventures, and your mark. We created a brand where there are no limits. A style that can connect you to your dreams and something you can feel comfortable in while enjoying life. We search the entire Earth to bring you items that connect you to bigger movements. Involving handmade merchandise that impacts more than just the bottom line. The profits from these handmade items trickle down to families that help support them and their dreams. Involving other talented contributors and supporting them where we can, is our mission.

*Help others, build friendships, leave an impact - that’s who we are. “What we do in life will echo for eternity.”

Our Story

What’s in a name? In our name, it’s a Mother and a Daughter.

The daughter, “Pistol” dreamed a bigger dream. A place where her and her Mother could collectively express their individual style. Although their goal is the same, their method to ride through life is different. A “Pistol” is a cowgirl who loves raw, effortless style. Colors inspired from Mother Nature and materials that represent times passed.

The Mother, “Vixen,” is a survivor. A road warrior that can fire up her own steel horse when she needs to break free and escape. Escape to the perfect unplanned adventure while wearing what she wants and confident in how it makes her feel.

What are you?

This style isn’t about finding your place or finding yourself. This is about creating yourself. Creating where you want to be and how you’re going to feel when you get there. We want to be apart of that journey and make you look and feel good along the way. Let our style give you the confidence you need to build upon life’s journey. We want to inspire mother’s, daughters, lovers, fighters etc. to live for adventure and then share that adventure with others. Our style’s reflection cannot be bound by time, age or opinion. Be FREE. Live how you want to and always be a wild dreamer.