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Grab an adult beverage as this quickly turns into a drinking game.

Today, on our Instagram page, I asked our followers to give me two words that inspire them. Now, our followers could've taken this question any number of ways. Being that we're a fashion based brand they could've answered with words related to what inspires their style, their trends, media influencers and so on. But with the power of a #hashtag I directed it towards a more introspective view. 

#deepthoughts #life #questions #goodvibes

I'm super curious about what motivates a person to make the decisions that they do. Who or what influences them? What determines how they treat themselves and others? I wanted to get down to the bare bones of people and I thought Instagram was the perfect platform for that.  Now, you're probably wondering why would I want to spend time trying to figure this out. Good question. Even as I'm writing this... I'm questioning it *insert me taking a drink of my Budlight and looking off into the distance of my living room.*  DRINK

For me, this question is extremely easy to answer. My dreams, family and friends are my greatest inspiration and in short, greatly impact my decision making skills.  My dreams consist of making our lives fuller and easier. I want a farm, a horse, chickens, the best therapists money can buy for my son, financial freedom....the list goes on.

I feel there's a huge correlation between inspiration and decision making.  Duh, right? No ah-ha moments over here. Even determining "what" and "who" inspires you is a huge decision. Like, I could go cross-eyed like Austin Powers just thinking about it. *See cover photo*


In my mind I have this dialog of how a woman's brain inspires her before she makes a decision to purchase something. So, play along. Picture this "something" in your head and fill in the blanks with it. You are playing the role of "Me."

I think it goes a lil' like this;

Me: Man, that's a cute ______. They only have two in stock. Should I get it?
Brain: yeah, you know Erica had one like that and she looked really cute in it. Maybe Amazon will have it cheaper. 
Me: I should buy it. I mean, I'm going to that concert and I could look good. My friends will like it *picture yourself swigging a beer, swaying with the crowd, singing out "tonight it's bottoms up!"* 
Brain: Did you buy the boy's new backpacks for school yet? 
Me: No, but Liam's backpack can make it another year, right? I mean, I can clean it with a magic eraser. It will be fine.          I'm gonna buy______. 
Brain: This is why you have to drink Budlight and not some fancy craft beer *rolls his little judgy brain eyes.* Will your friends even like it? It might make you like fat. Just sayin'.
Me: Brain, you're always trying to bring me down with this adulting crap! I'm trying to look good, live my life and be comfortable. This_______ is going to bring me joy and feed my soul. 
20 Minutes later.....remorse sets in. Go take a swig of that Budlight :).
If you haven't experienced a situation like this, you can stop reading. Really, because you've cracked the code to some sort of life's little secrets that several people are searching for. Unless you're gonna share that code you won't hurt my feelings to just.stop.reading. DRINK
Good, you kept going. We don't allow quitters here. DRINK
We have to train ourselves to talk nice to ourselves. (Learned this from my spinning instructor, Kelly. She probably drinks wine).  Talking nice to ourselves causes a chain reaction. The above conversation between you and your brain would sound entirely different. Think about it, anything that inspires you... is it negative, call you names, or make you feel bad about yourself? No and if it does we may need to do an intervention, but I'm not sure I'm your lady for that. 
Hopefully, this is starting to make some sort of sense. Yes, I'm typing in RED on accident. It's okay. DRINK
You know my absolute motivation and inspiration to writing this blog (that's probably full of grammatical errors)?  
I want people to feel more freedom. I want people to take a minute and feel, just feel. Let go of anything that's holding you back. Don't dwell on the what you don't have. Don't feel remorse because you bought something. We are here on Earth for such a short time. If you know what inspires you, fill your head with that. Then, fill the world with it. That will get you 10 steps closer to making those dreams happen.
That got deep. DRINK 
P.S. you wanna know what the first two words posted by someone on IG that answered the question that posed this entire blog post? (let me note this person is NOT one of our followers)
Ice Cream 



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