Just a Mother and Daughter

You know what? We're not a big corporation. We're a mother and daughter team that had one goal, to fill a niche in the fashion accessory market that is constantly being overlooked. It became harder to find accessories that fit with and represented our lifestyle. Often, we shopped multiple places spending more time and money to no avail. 

How It All Began...

At almost every party or event we we're stopped by strangers and friends to be asked one question "where did you get that?" Some even asked if they could take pictures of the accessories we were wearing, ha!

So where DID we get what we we're wearing??The truth is, we either made them, combined different fashion styles together curating our own look or simply just put on what we liked or inspired us.


 We often made our own jewelry, hats, bedazzled Jean jackets, sewed patches etc. just to create a unique look.  Our inspiration pulled from times past and influenced from so many different fashion era's. Being able to combine those, created an extremely unique look.  An example of one of our earliest creations was sewing a large religious cross made out of distressed and bleach splattered fabric on a blue jean jacket and then adding a vintage crystal broach. Two different trends, one from the 1980's and the other from the 1930's, together they created a look that we were so diligently searching for and a look that others envied. Some we're willing to buy the jacket's straight off our backs. 

At that point, it was clear that our style had started a "trend" that other's wanted. Now, I realize that it was more of a movement than a trend. It was the feeling of wearing the product and the freedom and confidence it gave. See, we don't care about age limits, or being able "pull off a certain look." Those thoughts shouldn't define you.  

Soon, we traveled, we set up at dirty rodeos, freezing outdoor parks, even in a warehouse once, with all our merchandise in tow just to get our name out there. We made great friends and even better customers that continue to follow us where ever we go. 


Who Are We?

We are mothers, a wife, a PTO mom, a grandma, a Harley rider, a cowgirl dreamer, adventure seekers - just trying to live our dreams.

Not in it to make big money, not to buy a bunch of unnecessary things. Maybe buy a farm with just a few goats, chickens and a horse barn 😃 -that's my ultimate dream. A place where my boys can play and roam.

We're simple gals that have met some amazing people on this journey who continue to support our style and vision.

Now, we've made it even easier for y'all. You can shop us anytime on our website! We thank you for your support and love! 🖤🖤🖤

"Pistol" = Carrie
"Vixen" = Dana

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